It is all about “you”

The cold temperatures will soon be a thing of the past and it is time to send out the spring appeal. This is the crucial piece that will set the tempo for this giving year.

You are spending a great deal of time talking to donors, in person, by phone, mail and email. What word are you using? Are you telling them about all the great things “we” are doing and that “we” need their support?

Remember, it is not about we, it is about¬†you. Donors want to know what difference their support makes and the impact their donation has on the mission. Your annual goals aren’t the most important thing that you should be communicating.

Go back and look at your solicitation and count how many times you use the word “we” in the piece. ¬†Scary how much “we” like to talk about ourselves.

Let the donors start seeing themselves as part of the solution. You will see a successful appeal this spring.


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