Color Coding of Charity

Every 1st of the month brings a new and exciting day with a new and exciting mission or cause to represent. You know what I mean,  October is PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness,  November is RED for Diabetes Awareness, etc. etc.

But what if your mission doesn’t have a color or a month or even an awareness ribbon? Do not fret. While these color campaigns help bring an additional rally cry to the cause they aren’t the only way an awareness campaign can be successful.

The color coding of charity, while effective doesn’t have many wins on a new generation or seasoned donor.  There should be a fear of desensitizing the public of the seriousness of the cause with the constant overload of ribbons. What works in marketing isn’t always the fit for fundraising.

So be aware, if you find yourself looking to find a month or color but running up against every other nonprofit fighting over that space, step away.  Look at when your donors like to give or when your mission needs the highest volume to make the biggest impact and go for it.

Disease and need doesn’t pick a month. You shouldn’t have to either.




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